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music videos

For an example of our work and more information about our music video production process please see below.

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The process is split into three stages:

1. Pre-production
We believe that to really get attention within the music video industry you’re going to need something special, a video that not only catches people’s attention but also sparks their interest in your music.

We know creativity can’t be rushed so we encourage you to take your time generating and perfecting ideas, we are of course more than willing to support you throughout this process and help develop ideas.

Some things you may wish to consider:

- Could green screen be included? This may open up possibilities previously unattainable.
- Does your video idea compliment your music? Having a great video is all well and good but it is there to promote your music and they need to complement each other.
- How many days will your video take to shoot? Remember every day of filming will add to the price.

2. Production
We like creative videos, we like experimenting with new concepts and ways of doing things that are just that little bit different. But this creativity doesn’t mean we take a relaxed approach to the filming process. By this stage we will have a very clear plan of how to film days will go and it is this prior thought that allows us to create video work of such high standards at the price we do.

3. Post-production
Not only is this the stage when your video comes together, it is also the stage where it evolves and can become something you never imagined it to be. We work flexibly with you at this stage with regular screening and development meetings, ensuring the project stays on track and the end product is something we can both be proud of.


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