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We undertake a diverse range of projects and we always strive to produce something unique and appropriate for your particular product or service. Below you will find examples of our work and more information about our process.

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The 11th annual event of the Built-in Quality and Constructing Excellence awards were organised by the council Building Consultancy service. They celebrate the high quality work by builders and demolition firms both large and small.


Howcast is a website that provides instructional short-form how-to video and text content that combines practical information with various creative filmmaking techniques, including claymation and animation.
How to Build an Aviary How to Play Squash How to Relieve Allergies Naturally

HS2 - "High Speed Rail: Creating Sustainable Transport and Jobs?"
On Monday 28th March Birmingham Friends of the Earth and Sustainability West Midlands held a public debate. The event was held at the Banqueting Suite, Birmingham City Council House. The meeting debates whether the new line will benefit the West Midlands economically and environmentally and look at sustainable transport more generally.

The debate was chaired by Radio 5 and Radio WM presenter Adrian Goldberg, with a panel including:

- Jim Steer, Director of Greengauge 21
- Martin Dyer, vice-chair of the West Midlands Business Transport Group
- Christian Wolmar, railway journalist and commentator
- Michael Geddes, Associate Professor at the Warwick Business School

HS2 - High Speed Rail Debate 


The process is split into three stages:

If you’ve got to this stage then you’ll already have a relatively clear idea of the product you want to create, so let’s develop that. Moving image material has an amazing ability to engage an audience immediately and we can use this ability to our advantage in many ways. Pre-production is the time to consider many important questions;

Is your video going to be used as an educational tool?

- How can we ensure people stay engaged?
- Is it relatable?
- Is the material concise?

Will your video be a marketing tool?

- Will it catch attention in a world full of clever marketing?
- Is it creative?
- Will it really portray the product, message or concept the way you want?
- Is it suitable for a media hungry online market?

These are only a snapshot of the considerations that together we will work through and ensure the next stage of development is as economical and beneficial as possible.

This stage may be a process far from your company’s day to day activities but we’re confident its one you will enjoy, it can even be a great team building opportunity. It’s likely you’ll understand the importance of productivity and this is something that is just as important in video production. No matter the scale we will plan our time to the greatest of detail and ensure production time is spent efficiently.

Post-production is the time when you can relax and watch your concept come to fruition. This stage is efficient because whoever is working on your video is a trained professional who has the ability to work quickly, accurately and sometimes most importantly, creatively. We are not happy with substandard work and you shouldn’t be either, we know your product needs to catch the attention of its audience in a big way and this is precisely what our product will deliver.

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