High Speed Rail: Creating Sustainable Transport and Jobs?

The Birmingham City Council House held a lively public debate last March, which considered the issues surrounding the plans of High Speed Two (HS2); the development of a new high-speed rail service between London and Scotland.

The debate was chaired by the BBC WM and Radio 5 presenter Adrian Goldberg and the guest speakers where as follows:

- Christian Wolmar, writer and broadcaster
- Mike Geddes, University Professor
- Jim Steer, director of Greengauge21
- Martin Dyer, vice-chair of the West Midlands Business Transport Group.

The debate was very informative and gave considerable time to Q&A, open to the audience. It was a great chance to hear the arguments for and against the HS2 plans and what the various economic and environmental implications might be for the Birmingham region. If you missed the opportunity to attend, fear not, as we have now uploaded unedited footage of the entire event. The video is in 7 parts, all of which can be watched below, and feel free to have your say by leaving a comment.

Alternatively, a more compressed version of the video in its entirety can be viewed on our Vimeo channel.

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